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Admissions open for 2025 G.C.E A/L classes 

G.C.E A/L Bio System Technology Stream (B-Tech) Opens Admission

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The much-anticipated G.C.E A/L Bio System Technology Stream (B-Tech) for the academic years 2023/25 is now open for admission, offering a gateway to a world of innovation and discovery.

  • Application closing date: 2023-12-21
  • Entrance Requirements: Should obtain 3A's with C pass for Mathematics and S pass for Science.
  • Application Submission: Applications can be submitted online  here

Enrollment of students from Grade 2 to Grade 11 in schools

01. It is related to the circular letter No. 17/2023 and dated 25.04.2023 issued by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education.
02. Accordingly, the vacancies available in our school as of 2023.11.23 are as follows.